Academy Members stand ready to mentor Engineering Management and Systems Engineering students as to their academics and the transition from the academic to the work environment.  EMSE graduates, at their most fundamental, are problem solvers.  We believe mentoring our students provides the tools needed to resolve issues and problems that you will encounter in the work place.

We believe that working with Academy Members on that transition and the opportunities they face in the work environment gives EMSE graduates an increased probability of success and demonstrates value to their employer.  For instance, knowing the value of communication and how to communicate in the corporate world is invaluable.  Communication within industries is different for each industry.  Our Academy Members cover a broad range of industries.  That, in turn, allows you to prepare for the industry and the corporate culture you will be entering.

To say it another way, your technical skills will get you into the game, but your problem-solving skills, your understanding of how to network, your ability to negotiate issues internally and externally, and other similar skills will provide you with a winning edge.  We believe mentoring is the first step in your development of those skills.

We encourage you to contact us at about your interest in a mentor.  You will also see announcements about Academy mentoring.  We urge you to attend.  We want to see you succeed.

Another source for mentoring is the Miner Network.  If not us, then try